Oh Christmas 🎄

One of THE most commercialized holidays ever. It begins earlier every year it feels like. It’s the first holiday kids begin to realize how they measure up to their peers. “What did you get for Christmas?” is one of the first things they talk about after Christmas break. Who has, and who has not.

And we buy all these things for them and they receive all these things from friends and family and they appreciate it so much they play with these toys everyday and get the most use and enjoyment from them and are endlessly entertained! We as parents feel the need to keep up with the Joneses and provide the best of the best on this holiday, of all holidays.

Yea… not so much. They play with them for a week or so and then you pick them up or tell them to pick them up on repeat until you finally do the toy purge.

I promise I’m NOT the grinch. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday! I love all the things Christmas brings except for one little thing, the pressure.

Christmas becomes so much about the buying and the doing and the running around to make it so perfect that we fail to use this time with our families to reconnect and build traditions. We get so caught up in the things.

We are gifted having our child(ren) home for 2 weeks during this wonderful joyous season. So how can we slow down and find more joy?

🎄We can make their day by simply staying in jammies, making pancakes and hot chocolate, and watching a Christmas movie. I can attest to the fact that this even works with a teenager.

🎄You can bake something together. Something you can enjoy and why not bake a little extra to share with a neighbor, friend, or take to a nursing home to bring joy to others.

🎄You can create memories by doing experiences together. Drive around and see the lights with hot chocolate. Go ice skating. Go see the Nutcracker.

So I have some challenges for you this Christmas season. I challenge you to gift your child an experience for Christmas. Something you can all do together to create memories. The toys will be donated, the memories you create from experiencing new things together will stick with them! Here are a few ideas from another blogger to get you started. How to gift experiences so they are just as exciting as toys

I would love to hear your family Christmas traditions and fun experiences you have gifted each other!

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