Mom, Mom, Mom, Can I Have This?

How many times do we hear those words? “Can I have this?” or “Can you buy me this?” We can’t go anywhere with our children without hearing those words it seems. I have a teenager so I can attest to the fact that it never ends, it just becomes more managed. This constant asking ofContinue reading “Mom, Mom, Mom, Can I Have This?”

Facing Your Fears: Entrepreneur Edition

My daughter has been obsessed with Gilmore Girls lately. We’ve watched it and rewatched it. She noticed Kirk is ever the entrepreneur and suggested I write my next blog about him. Sounds fun right? Have you ever watched the show? It seems like Kirk has a new job with each episode. He is constantly reinventingContinue reading “Facing Your Fears: Entrepreneur Edition”

Kidpreneurs in the Spotlight

I hope you all have been enjoying this “Kidpreneurs in the Spotlight” series! It’s been fun for me to read their stories and write these blogs, and then see how the community online has reacted. So much support for our youth in Money Lit’s online community! This week I am highlighting Kidpreneur/Teenpreneur, Carina Miller. SheContinue reading “Kidpreneurs in the Spotlight”

Kidpreneurs in the Spotlight

This month I am highlighting kidpreneurs who are using their human capital (skills and education) to create goods and services to make money. This week I am highlighting two brothers, ages 7 and 10, who are entrepreneurs with different motivations and inspirations. Cash is 10 years old and has a goal to make a differenceContinue reading “Kidpreneurs in the Spotlight”

Kidpreneurs in the Spotlight

For the month of February I wanted to highlight some awesome kidpreneurs in our local Chattanooga area. I met these awesome young people at a Chattanooga Children’s Business Fair that was started by another awesome entrepreneur, Tee Frierson-Bates. The kids set up their booths and sell their items and people go around and vote onContinue reading “Kidpreneurs in the Spotlight”

10 Simple Ways to Talk to Your Child about Money

Be Honest Kids are so observant and naturally curious. They will openly ask questions about money (Why is that person homeless? Are we rich? Why can’t I have…..?) and sometimes as parents we struggle with how to answer these questions appropriately. In his book, The Opposite of Spoiled, Ron Lieber talks about this very thingContinue reading “10 Simple Ways to Talk to Your Child about Money”

How to Make the Joys of Christmas…. More Joyful

Oh Christmas 🎄 One of THE most commercialized holidays ever. It begins earlier every year it feels like. It’s the first holiday kids begin to realize how they measure up to their peers. “What did you get for Christmas?” is one of the first things they talk about after Christmas break. Who has, and whoContinue reading “How to Make the Joys of Christmas…. More Joyful”

4 Weeks With The Boys at Ycap

Thanks to a generous donation from MedicTests I have spent my last 3 Mondays with the boys at Ycap. Ycap is a mentorship program through the YMCA. According to their website Y-CAP is: “an early intervention and prevention program for youth ages 10-15 who have been referred to us either through the juvenile court systemContinue reading “4 Weeks With The Boys at Ycap”

Want to teach your teen good money habits? Give them good decision making skills.

Parents of teens! I have had some requests from parents with teens for ideas on how to talk to them and teach them good money habits. I am going to draw on my personal experience with my teen and recommend this book: The 7 habits of Highly Effective Teens . Is it directly related toContinue reading “Want to teach your teen good money habits? Give them good decision making skills.”

The Connection Between School, Extracurricular Activity, and Financial Literacy

I recently read an Article discussing the connections between kids doing chores and success. It explains how by highlighting the skills learned during the process of doing chores such as time management, being a cooperative and productive member of society, and delaying gratification. It explains that this simple act of enforcing a reasonable amount ofContinue reading “The Connection Between School, Extracurricular Activity, and Financial Literacy”

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