Kidpreneurs in the Spotlight

This month I am highlighting kidpreneurs who are using their human capital (skills and education) to create goods and services to make money.

This week I am highlighting two brothers, ages 7 and 10, who are entrepreneurs with different motivations and inspirations. Cash is 10 years old and has a goal to make a difference in the world while making his own money. He is known as the Conservation Kid and his goal is to inspire others to clean up the waterways. He has been working hard to help people see how our actions affect animals and the waterways. He was recently awarded his first grant to further his work for this cause. He is an artist of several forms and is also an author of the book “One Small Piece”.

Here his thoughts on why he started this company and what his goals are. ” I started my own small business so I could make a difference and also make money for things I wanted. I have more opportunities to do more with more money. I make mostly all my items from reused materials so it has been cheaper to get started and I’m not making as big of an impact on the earth recycling old products into something new. My business has opened a whole new world to me. I have traveled to Mexico to swim with sharks. I was invited to LA to be on the Kelly Clarkson Show and I have spoken at a bunch of different meeting and conferences. I recently started doing documentary type films and I was able to buy a brand new computer with money I had saved. I try to divide my money into different areas. Savings, Donation, Tithe, and spending. I donate a portion to ocean conservation, I save most of the rest and occasionally I will spend some on things I really want. Being a good steward of our earth has taught me to also be a good steward of money. I know not to waste it on he newest things that may not hold value but to save it for things that really matter and make a difference in what I want to do in the future. ”

You can find more about what Cash does and how you can help his conservation cause at Conservation Kid

His little brother Colt is 7 and has his own love for animals. He makes products for your household pets and donates his toys to local animal shelters. He specifically loves cats (boy after my own heart). I have bought two cat toys from him when he was at the Chattanooga Children’s Business Fair (if you are ever in the area when they are going on, you have to check this out!) My cat Sasha LOVES the cat toys Colt makes and they are so inexpensive too!

Here are his thoughts on starting a business. “I started my own business after I saw my brother do his and he was able to buy things he wanted and I wasn’t because I didn’t have extra spending money. I also love animals, cats especially and I wanted to find a way to help them. I make animal toys and donate part of my money to our local animal shelter. I have made a difference not just for myself but for animals where I live. I want to be happy and I want to make animals happy too so starting my own business has been great. My parents have taught me to save money and not allowed me to spend it on everything I want. It’s hard sometimes but I know it’s worth it.”

You can find his products and more information about his company at Colt’s Critters.

If you have any young entrepreneurs you want me to highlight, send me an email at Your email should include your kidpreneur’s company info, their story behind their “why” for starting their company and what they hope to do with the money they make, as well as a photo of them with their goods/services they offer. Next week I will highlight a teenager who is an artist and entrepreneur who has learned to carefully manage her revenue and is now out of debt.

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