Facing Your Fears: Entrepreneur Edition

My daughter has been obsessed with Gilmore Girls lately. We’ve watched it and rewatched it. She noticed Kirk is ever the entrepreneur and suggested I write my next blog about him. Sounds fun right?

Have you ever watched the show? It seems like Kirk has a new job with each episode. He is constantly reinventing himself and trying out various work “hats”. One day he can sell you face cream and the next he is jumping out of a plane for an ice cream shop grand opening party. He reminds me of that restaurant you go to where the menu is 10 pages long and they can make you lasagna, kabobs, tacos, or a ramen bowl 🧐.

I’m not sure I would trust the video store guy to inspect my house for termites just like I wouldn’t trust a restaurant that can make every food group known, in 15 minutes. What I do love about Kirk’s character, is that he is always pushing himself to do something new. If one thing fails (he was a terrible hockey game announcer), he just moves on to see if he can master something else.

When is the last time you pushed fear aside to take that leap to the thing you always wanted to do? For me, starting Money Lit was that leap. I have a skill and a knowledge set and I had to be brave and courageous and allow myself the possibility of failing in order to see if this concept works. The reason most people don’t take that job they’ve dreamed of or quit a day job to pursue being an entrepreneur, is because fear is often louder than our dreams.

Today I challenge you to start that podcast, try selling your art, open that day care, whatever your dream is, let it be louder than the fear.

Athena Singh said: “Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strength.”

Credit to Mindfully Glam (Pinterest)

What is that thing you’ve been holding back on?

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